What Are The Differences Between Instax 7s, 8, 25, 50s , 90 and 210?

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Fujifilm offer two different types of instant camera throughout the world.
The “Instax Mini” series (film size / 5.4 x 8.6 cm) is ideal for daily use, and the instax WIDE series is perfect for shooting group pictures. The MINI Instax cameras available in the market right now are Instax 7s, 8, 25, 50s & 90 and the WIDE Instax camera is Instax 210.

MINI camera use MINI Films, while WIDE camera use WIDE Films. That means, Instax 7s, 8, 25, 50s & 90 can only use Mini Film and Instax 210 use Wide Film.


If you decided to choose Wide, then your choice is obviously Instax 210! BUT, If you decided to go with Mini, you need to make a choice out of five available options. Instax 7s, 8, 25, 50s 0r 90s.

These are short summary of the differences between those Mini cameras.

Instax 7s:

MANUAL (you need to decided on your own which mode to use). 4 Modes (Clear, Fine, Cloudy and Indoor). Bulky and heavy. Use 4 AA batteries.

Reference : http://www.fujifilm.com/products/instant_photo/cameras/instax_mini_7s/#features

Instax 8:

Instax 8 is an upgraded version of Instax 7s.

AUTOMATIC (there is a light that shows you which suitable mode to use, then you need to turn the lens according to the mode suggested OR you can just decide on your own). 5 modes (Indoor, Cloudy, Sunny, Sunny and Bright & Hi Key). Slimmer and lighter than 7s. Use 2 AA batteries.

“High-key” mode : make images look brighter and more vibrant. You use this mode whenever you want brighter photo. It’s up to you. The automatic brightness / mode indicator (light) will never suggest you to use this mode. It was set to suggest between the other 4 modes only.

YOUTUBE Video : Fujifilm Instax 7s vs Instax 8  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77TDE2odXxo


Reference : http://www.fujifilm.com/products/instant_photo/cameras/instax_mini_8/#features

Instax 25:

AUTOMATIC MODE (just switch on and click the shutter). Intelligent Flash, Infinity mode & Darken & Lighten feature (scroll below to know what is this L & D function). 2 Shutters buttons at the top-front and on the side-below of the camera (to help you take Vertical & Horizontal photo easier). Built in self mirror on the lens. Come with close up lens in the package. Lighter & smaller than 7s and 8. Use 2 CR2 Lithium batteries.

Reference : http://www.fujifilm.com/products/instant_photo/cameras/instax_mini_25/#features

Instax 50s:

All features in Instax 25 are available on Instax 50s except Instax 50s doesnt have self mirror. And the added featured on Instax 50s ; has self timer, can be mounted on tripod and take two pictures consecutively. Use 2 CR2 Lithium batteries.

Reference : http://www.fujifilm.com/products/instant_photo/cameras/instax_mini_50s/

Instax 90:

Macro (no need close up lens!). Self Timer. Brightness control: Lighten & Darken. Flash. 4 Mode: Party, Kids, Landscape, Bulb Exposure & Double Exposure. Use rechargeable battery (the battery comes with a charger). Can be mounted on tripod.



LIGHTEN & DARKEN feature available on Instax 25, Instax 50s, Instax 90 & Instax 210 only.

Instax 210:

It has three exposure control (light setting): L light, N neutral, and D dark. And Automatic Flash. Comes with a close up lens and self mirror. Use 4 AA batteries.

# I would recommend go for Instax 210 is you want extra satisfaction. But please take note the camera is as big as DSLR. So you might end up using it for occasionally & special event only. Not to mention wide film is more expensive than mini film.

So, Which MINI Instax Camera Is The Best?

My personal opinion, Instax 25 is the best Mini camera if you are going for VALUE (affordable with great features). If you are looking for the best Instax Mini camera (FEATURES), it is definitely Instax 90!

Instax 7s however is already a great and fun camera if you have a LIMITED BUDGET. But I would recommend you to take Instax 8 instead of Instax 7s because Instax 8 is an upgraded version of 7s.

Here are pictures taken using Instax 7s.

VERTICAL (Potrait) & HORIZONTAL Pictures

All instax cameras can take these two type of picture. Just like any other digital camera, or your phone, you just simply rotate the camera.

Fujifilm Instax Cameras Demonstration:

Mini 25, Mini 7S, Instax 210

Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=jak-AlzAomU